Project History

Below are several projects Darren worked on in a management position before he established Handler Power.

Duke Medical Pavilion:

This was a eight story 580,000 square foot expansion of the Duke hospital complex.

SAS Data Center:

The SAS data center project was a 38,000 square foot facility.  This was a fast paced project designed to help SAS capitalize on the global market of “cloud computing”.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals:

The Novartis Project was 430,000 square foot manufacturing plant and at the time was the largest bio- manufacturing plant under construction in the United States. The plant was divided in three sections warehousing/ shipping, packaging, and manufacturing with research and development.  Each section was built as a separate phase and awarded separate contracts.  We were awarded the manufacturing and research and development section on the project which was 300,000 square foot 3 story portion on the plant.

 United Therapeutics Pharmaceuticals:

The United Therapeutics project was a 205,000-square-foot solid dose facility.  It included manufacturing, office, packaging, warehouse, and also auditorium sections.