ElectricanThe most important part of having any electrical work done in your home or business is making sure it is done by a licensed and insured company.  Check their licenses and insurance.  Most people can figure out how to twist some wires together and make a light work.  Licensed and insured contractors know how to do it so it is safe and code compliant.

  • Service Upgrades

Your electrical service is what powers your entire home or business.  If it is worn from the rain and the sun or being over loaded with additions it can’t handle, (i.e. new air conditioners, heating circuits, pools, or remodels) you are putting your home or business of losing power and not being able to get it back on.  Upgrading your service to a larger size or replacing damaged parts like the meter pan or panel is how to avoid this. Let our trained technicians review your options with you or call now to schedule your free no obligations estimate!

  • Trouble Shooting

Our technicians are highly trained with the latest trouble shooting methods and tools and with extensive experience in both the residential and commercial sectors we are the best choice for trouble shooting your next electrical problem at your home or office.  We don’t just find what is wrong we find out why it went wrong!

  • Telephone, Cable, and Computer Wiring

We install telephone, cable, or computer jacks around your home or business expanding on your existing network or building you a whole new one.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Circuits

Your existing home wiring usually isn’t designed for adding additional high demand pieces of equipment like air conditioners and heating equipment.  We can provide a free no obligation estimate for installing the proper wiring and  guide you through the needs of your new equipment.

  • Hi-Hats and Accent Lighting

Hi-hats or accent lighting is for updating or adding more light or to accent a certain part of your home or business.

  • Security Lighting

Protect your home or business with lights that can be controlled by motion detectors, or timers, or even one switch located next to your bed.  Illumination is one of the best deterrents on the market.

  • Pool Equipment and Lighting

It is a given that water and electricity don’t mix and a recreation area like a pool it not where you want to find out how true that is. Make sure all of the codes and requirements are followed for your pool wiring.  JUST BECAUSE IT WORKS DOESN’T MEAN IT’S SAFE!

  • New Construction/ Remodels

No project is too big or too small.

  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial